by Erik Wilhelm Gren

Welcome to Skumtomte!

Welcome to a free resource for learning about Sweden, Swedish and general life in Sweden. If you’re new to the website, welcome! Please feel free to read some of the articles and, perhaps, begin your journey to learning Swedish! This is an ever-growing community and I hope that you find this to be a useful resource in your learning.

Some Inspiration

I’ll update this section from time to time so do give it a check once in a while. Here is something inspirational in order for you to keep on striving towards your goals and to continue studying and learning about Sweden:

Watch the cute intro to one of the most iconic children programs in Swedish history called Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter.

For more inspiration and motivation to learn Swedish, scroll down to the bottom where I keep record of everything that has been featured here!

Constantly Updating

This website is currently being developed and far from all the articles that I want to be here are finished. I will publish all articles continuously as I write them, and, since I’m doing it as quickly as I can, there might be spelling errors, sloppy translations and more. Feel free to comment on the corresponding article if you discover any errors.

Random Articles

Inspiration History

Here is an archive of all the inspiration that has been featured on the front-page in order to keep you motivated!


Here is the link to an article about studying tips and motivation!


Watch the iconic intro to one of the most loved and broadcast children programs in Swedish history called Vintergatan (or Tillbaka Till Vintergatan).

The funniest-sounding Swedish word is…

According to some of my friends, this is apparently the funniest-sounding Swedish word (meaning “Umbrella”).