What is the purpose of IntellectualSites?

IntellectualSites will become a system that let's the user, you, create your very own personalized website, with minimal effort. You can use it to create your own blog, a website for your students, a photoalbum, a portfolio, a recipe site. Anything is possible!

How does it work?

Its very simple for you to create content of your own. To achieve this we've dedicated time to forge a highly advanced interface balancing intuitiveness and maximum customization. When you're setting up your site you will have a plethora of easy-to-learn tools to customise your site to your liking. All changes and modifications made to your server are stored in our secure, state-of-the-art servers. Our advanced template engine (entirely unique, we're not using any framework for this) will take the data stored and transform it into a live site.



For you who want to create a site, with all needed features; but does not need advanced customisation.


For you that want more advanced options and to get rid of ads. (Best option for business users.)


We have 45 registrered to our service. Of those 3 has paid, and 3 are staff members. We have 16 pages created and 16 are using subdomains! So far we've had 2431 unique visitors.


Easy to use

IntellectualSites is designed with simplicity in mind. You will easily be able to create a good looking website with the help of our many tools.


We're always thinking of more features, and we're always doing our very best to implement them into the site. If there is something we're missing, then tell us; and we will implement it.

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"Best website ever." -Wolfy_Bro