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This is my personal website! What I write on this page is completely up to me and can literally be whatever my heart desires. I might keep a blog, write some articles or tutorials... who knows? Occasionaly I might make some cool programming projects which I'll host on this page.

No matter what I write, I'm hoping that you're enjoying your time here as much as I am ;3

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Play Chess on!

I am challenging myself to create a working chess-game entirely written from scratch by me. You can find it on or just press the button "Chess" on the left ;3

Feel free to try it out if you want to :3.

What on earth is Super Ultimate Tic Tac Toe!?

Do you ever feel bored with a friend and just wish that there was something to do? Don't just wish that there was some sort of stimulanse to you're intellect and a way for you to show superiority over your friend? Well you've just stumbled upon the perfect thing for you. Super Ultimate Tic Tac Toe.

Super Ultimate Tic Tac Toe, or Suttt for short, is a version of normal noughts and crosses taken to the next level. Now "how does it work?" you may ask yourself, well I'm here to help. The game follows a basic set of rules and the program will help you keep track on them so that you can focus more on strategy and winnig.

To get three in a row, made up of threes in rows, made up of threes in rows.

How to Play:

Rule #1:
You can only place in the highlighted (green) boxes.

As you place a tile in any open (green) square the game will then show you where the second player will be able to place his tile. Where this higlighted box will appear follows yet another set of simple rules. If you can see the games full structure you might be able to see the "Three *different* games within eachother". As you place a tile in the smallest game, the next open square will be the corresponding position in the medium game. If said to-be-selected smallest game is already full/occupied/unavaliable do tue previous wins or ties, the game will give the player an opportunity to place his tile in any avaliable spot on the entire board.

Rule #2:
To win a game you need to get three in a row of your colour.

Just like in normal tic tac toe the main objective is of course to get three in a row, and the same objective applies to this game too.

Strategies and Tips:

Tip #1:

If you get the opportunity to place in any avaliable square, take a moment to think of your current position in the game. If you feel like you're about to loose the current medium game it might be a better idea to start a new medium game and by doing so leaving the current medium game unoccupied.

The Blog Launched

Yaay! I got this domain as a christmas gift from my dad. (Thanks dad) and now I finally have a place to put all my HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript projects! Please look forward to more upcomming content! ;3